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Natalie Jones

Ngā Pī Ka Rere spotlight: Natalie Jones brings volunteer perspectives to new tech for wasp control

Natalie Jones (Ngā Wairiki Ngāti Apa) is a Master’s student within the Novel Tools & Strategies – Invertebrates programme. She has leveraged her unique background in managing conservation volunteers to provide insight into the perspectives people have about new controls for pest wasps in Aotearoa.

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Timm's trap

Defining ‘eradication’: evolving terminologies in biosecurity spaces

Why might kaimahi working in biosecurity choose to term a project as suppression, control, or elimination instead of eradication? BioHeritage reached out to two of Aotearoa New Zealand’s leaders in biosecurity to turn over some of these stones and examine the nuances in our terminologies.

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Invasive wasps are sharing resources

New research has shown that invasive wasp species are sharing resources, allowing them to coexist.

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Collating international pest data to protect Aotearoa’s biodiversity

Data from around the world will help to protect Aotearoa’s borders from further invasions.

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A nationwide analysis of biodiversity outcomes for sanctuaries

Results from a nationwide analysis of pest control in sanctuaries have provided some important insight.

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September newsletter – National Science Challenge

New research on pest control, updates from Better Border Biosecurity, our cross-challenge wānanga and more . . . 

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Invasive wasp control: Are Māori businesses keen?

A new paper in New Genetics and Society details the perceptions of Māori businesses around using biotechnologies in pest control.

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The potential of CRISPR as a tool for controlling invasive wasps

Professor Phil Lester and his team of researchers have recently published a report on the potential for a CRISPR gene drive to be used as a method of pest control for invasive wasps.

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Can feral cat control increase lambing rates?

This summer could tell the Cape to City team if their efforts to control feral cats have paid off.

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Predator Free New Zealand – are we dreaming?

To achieve a predator-Free New Zealand, we need to prepare for future scenarios now.

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