Freshwater Restoration

Action is needed now to restore the health and mauri of many freshwater ecosystems that are facing multiple threats.

Adaptive Evolution of Native Biota

Researchers are collecting DNA information from some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most threatened species in an effort to make them more resilient to future environmental change.

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Combating pathogen risk using genomics

Rapid assessments of the potential impact of pathogens are critical in protecting ecosystems from new threats.

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Managing threats to freshwater taonga invertebrates

Management of non-native fish may be the answer to safeguarding freshwater taonga (treasured) species in our waterways.

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Predicting and preventing ecosystem decline

Researchers are developing a framework to help predict and prevent the approach of rapid, harmful and difficult-to-reverse changes in ecosystems.

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Rebuilding Healthy Rivers

Researchers are using freshwater systems as a model to test how degraded ecosystems can be resistant to disruptions – including upsets that aim to restore them.

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The Groundwater Biodiversity Project

The unsung heroes of our groundwater system are helping researchers assess the health of freshwater ecosystems.

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