Predators & Pests

We’re striving to deliver a breakthrough solution that will control or eradicate at least one pest from mainland Aotearoa.

Bioethics Panel

To achieve the vision of Predator Free New Zealand 2050, researchers need to develop novel tools and technologies for cost-effective, landscape-scale control, eradication and surveillance of small mammal pests.

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Developing possum-specific poisons

Researchers are using genome mining to develop poisons that will exclusively target possums on a massive scale.

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Genetic and genomic technologies

While the BioHeritage Challenge does not invest directly in gene editing (GE) research, our investments in genetic and genomic technologies…

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High-Tech Solutions To Invasive Mammal Pests

This research team is helping to develop targeted, next-generation, socially acceptable and cost-effective new technologies to achieve landscape-scale freedom from rats, stoats and possums.

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Public perceptions of new pest control methods

One of the nation’s largest surveys on public attitudes toward new pest control technologies has shown that most New Zealanders support the need for pest control.

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Taking the sting out of the common wasp

Large-scale eradication may be in store for the humble wasp – a species responsible for one of the worst pest problems in Aotearoa.

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