Our Goals

BioHeritage Challenge partners are tackling some of Aotearoa New Zealand's biggest environmental challenges, taking a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to achieve national-scale impacts and benefits.

We’re focused on achieving impacts in three areas, with impacts being aspirational goals that will leave a legacy for New Zealand’s land- and freshwater-based ecosystems over a 20- to 30-year timeframe.

Sitting beneath these impacts are seven Strategic Outcomes – large, cohesive, interconnected portfolios of collective effort – that are designed to provide the pathways to impact. You can read more about these by clicking on each of the impact area tiles above.

To ensure an integrated and collective approach to achieving the impacts, our Strategic Outcomes are jointly designed by Māori, communities, industry and end-user agencies. We’re taking an innovation system approach that allows for a diversity of contributions from a wide range of individuals and institutions.

Leverage points are a key focus for Challenge investment. Our investments are also designed to build interconnections among individuals, organisations and knowledge holders along the innovation pathway for each Strategic Objective.

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