Operational & Guidance Documents

BioHeritage submission for Te Ara Paerangi

[PDF 496 KB]

This document provides the collective response from New Zealand's Biological Heritage National Science Challenge, Ngā Koiora Tuku Iho, to the Te Ara Paerangi Future Pathways Green Paper.


Te Tiriti o Waitangi Statement of Commitment

[PDF 336 KB]

Ngā Koiora Tuku Iho | Biological Heritage National Science Challenge commits to upholding Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Te Tiriti) as the foundation for power and resource sharing between tangata whenua (the first peoples of Aotearoa) and tangata Tiriti (all others who have come here) as parties to an agreement.


New Directions for Resource Management in New Zealand

[PDF 12.7 MB]

Report of the Resource Management Review Panel


Ngā Rākau Taketake Logic Framework

[PDF 391 KB]

Ngā Rākau Taketake Logic Framework


Rauika Māngai – A Guide to Vision Mātauranga

[PDF 3497 KB]

There is no better voice to describe how to bring the greatest success from Vision Mātauranga, than the one that has experienced it deeply, has lived and breathed it, has jumped in elbows and knees-deep, has suffered and succeeded, and has examined and reflected on it over many, many years. Here, we present a chorus of these voices, from an experienced ensemble of Māori researchers and facilitators who work at the interface between the Māori and Scientific worlds.


Code of Conduct

[PDF 211 KB]

As a National Science Challenge, we’re comprised of people from diverse backgrounds, organisations, and lived experiences. We’re committed to the open exchange of ideas, freedom of thought and expression, and respectful debate.


BioHeritage Collaboration Agreement

[PDF 3199 KB]

Agreement for collaboration on NZBH National Science Challenge


Subcontractor Terms and Conditions

[PDF 160 KB]

These terms and conditions govern how funding is used to perform the research required to be carried out under the NSCIC and Challenge Programme Agreements made in accordance with the NSCIC.


National Science Challenge Logic Framework

[PDF 272 KB]

National Science Challenge Tranche 2 logic framework - May 2023


Intellectual Property Management Plan

[PDF 129 KB]

This IP Plan sets out how the Challenge Members intend to manage the intellectual property arising from Challenge Programmes to maximise the benefit of that Project IP for New Zealand.


Recognition Guidelines

[PDF 259 KB]

The following guidelines have been created to help you recognise and promote your involvement with New Zealand’s Biological Heritage National Science Challenge.


Conflict of interest policy

[PDF 89 KB]

The integrity of the review process that underpins the allocation of funding to research proposals is critical to the Challenge.


Criteria for project leads and providers

[PDF 109 KB]

In the BioHeritage Challenge, one of the most important considerations for us is the choice of Co-Leaders for our research investments, and thus the Lead Provider that employs them, because our focus is on investment for national-scale impact.


Prioritising the priorities

[PDF 882 KB]

Prioritising research needs is a common task for researchers especially in the biological heritage space. Here's how we did it for Tranche 2.


Best practice guidelines for partnering with Māori

[PDF 214 KB]

Working in partnership with Māori underpins everything we do in Tranche 2. This is particularly important in our investments. It is our belief that to create impact and long-term benefit we must adequately resource Māori to participate fully in New Zealand’s science and innovation system.


Annual workplan template

[WORD 1131 KB]

Our aim in Tranche 2 of the BioHeritage Challenge is to empower the ‘right teams’ to actively plan and manage their research and related activities. This template should help you in doing so.


Investment timeline

[PDF 82.3 KB]

The BioHeritage step-by-step timeline and framework for investment decision-making


Criteria and guidelines for investment

[PDF 110 KB]

We're not holding any contestable funding rounds for Tranche 2, but we want to be as transparent as possible about how we're putting teams together.


Communications plan template

[WORD 112 KB]

The goal of this plan is to provide transparency in developing research investments.


Building the right teams – for SLG

[PDF 151 KB]

This short document provides some guidance for SLG, Knowledge Brokers, and research leads as we construct the ‘right teams’ forcollective impact in Challenge and NRT investments.


Why get involved with the Challenge?

[PDF 93 KB]

Curious about the BioHeritage Challenge but not sure you want to be a part of it? Read this pdf to discover what we're all about.


Ngā Rākau Taketake Key Performance Indicators

[PDF 116 KB]

Ngā Rākau Taketake (plant pathogen workstream) Key Performance Indicators


BioHeritage Key Performance Indicators

[PDF 99.6 KB]

The BioHeritage Challenge's Key Performance Indicators


Key messages

[PDF 171 KB]

A quick run-down of all the things you might need to know as SLG or Co-Lead.


Operating principles, values, diversity, inclusion and codes of conduct

[PDF 241 KB]

A one-page summary of our guidelines


Equity, diversity, access and inclusion policy

[PDF 143KB]

We are inclusive, respectful of difference, and value the diverse peoples of our varied communities.

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